Monday, November 10, 2008

Nahcotta and the Confluence Project

Jim and I spent a few days at the end of the summer on the Long Beach penninsula. Our cat Little Jane was declining, and leaving her with our veterinarian was a welcome break for Alice, who was spending time in feline intensive care. We enjoyed our stay at the Moby Dick Hotel, where we enjoyed some absolutely delicious meals, prepared fresh from the garden and with devotion. Here's a sunrise view through the window screen from our room, overlooking the yoga/meeting yurt. Sadly, there were no oysters, the beds having strangely and coincidentally reduced in spawn since spraying for spartina began in Willapa Bay. Our host, Fritzi Cohen, is working to eliminate this spraying. We are especially confused because our work at the Aquarium has led us to believe that characterizing the invasiveness of spartina in Washington state is overrated.
We were also fortunate to have beautiful weather for our trip to part of the Confluence Project by Maya Lin. I did some rubbing of some of the concrete etched text, a prayer by the Salish.

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