Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Micellaneous Food Posts

In an effort to clear out paper notes from my desk, some from long ago, here are some food notes, most recent first:
dinner at Navarre on September 8, 2009 on our way back from Tamara and Eric's Wedding
Warm potato salad
Stuffed patty pan squash
Porcini with corn salad (not the green, but a salad with yellow corn)
Ken's bread with grassy olive oil (Robin was surprised)
Salami Plate
Braised greens
Potato pancakes
Trout baked in parchment
Steamed clams
Italian/Spanish cheese
Anjou: red wine
Walnut pie with chocolate
I'm a big fan of this restaurant, first recommended to me by Fritzi Cohen of the Moby Dick Hotel in Nahcotta

farther back in time:
July 12, 2006 dessert at Flying Fish (in Seattle)
wonton wrappers in a long roll stick with fig-cherry (probably dried) fruit filling, fried, dusted lightly with powdered sugar + dipping sauces (not sweet): raspberry/blueberry, chocolate and caramel. This was an amazing dessert: tall in flavor, but not sweet, despite ingredients. Fruit parts were flavorful, the way the fruit rolls are at Chocolate Arts in Vancouver.

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