Saturday, April 17, 2010

Springtime in Vancouver

A warm sunny day in Vancouver yesterday: the warmest this year so far (even warmer than those melting snow days of the Olympics) was a quick get away from Seattle. Still tired from all the art installing (not completely done--need to finish the "catalogue" and make more permanent labels) while Jim attended a conference, Alice enjoyed an imaginative lunch at Cafe Medina in Crosstown neighborhood. Shepherd's pie with lemongrass, carrots, chicken and sugar snap peas had a touch of chile, not overly salty. Furthermore, it retained warmth even through Alice's slow eating pace. A brightly seasoned and exquisitely fresh watercress salad with Belgian endive, olives and yam chips evinced the same creative sensibility. Although the shepherd's pie came with julienne daikon and carrot in peanut dressing, as a traveler, Alice needed those leafy greens. The espresso was delicious-- a beautiful crema floating on top. Service was friendly, informed and respectful. Also, impressive that children were definitely welcome: they serve waffles, and on Friday at 1:30pm it was a completely popular place. They have squeezed in more tables than evidenced by the picture on the site, and there is counter seating. Also easy parking across the street. Seriously considering cooking class (school is adjacent) next trip north. Understanding the chef is Belgian born and trained, not surprised the food is so good. The head of Jim's department when in residency was Belgian, and he always said the weather there actually fulfills the reputation of Seattle, but the cuisine was the best in the world. Now we can enjoy that promise in Vancouver.
The photo is from the women's washroom wall: a quotation from musician Tanya Stephens about peace.
Probably not coincidentally, we viewed Michael Lin's installation on the outside of the Vancouver Art: Gallery. Alice loves pattern and decoration and Lin's hand painted Modest Veil, Georgia Street Installation is gorgeous. Lin, born in Taiwan also maintains residence in Brussels.

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