Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kyongpook National University, Daegu, Korea

Staying on campus a few nights after landing in Incheon and taking the bus, instead of KTX. Still adjusting, but coffee is courteously made available by the incredibly efficient staff of Seungsegnim Park Nam Hee. Alice gave her talk yesterday and today we toured the campus museum. Here is a view of the university art gallery space where the exhibition opens today: gallery talks will take place, and Alice will speak on works she brought from Seattle by Barbara Bruch and Dionne Haroutunian. This exhibition is dedicated to the memory of Madeline Meza Janovec, our colleague, friend and sister who died earlier this year. Madeline was the connecting link between the Pacific Northwest and Daegu: she, Ryu Seesook and Dr. Park organized and traveled back and forth, inviting others to join them in travel and exhibition opportunities. Here are some pictures of campus including a water lily pond surrounding a staff building where we ate a delicious lunch, The gate at one entrance, plenty of cconstruction possibilities here (will be edited.)

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